Happy New Year

One of the nagging things about facing a New Year is the business of New Year Resolutions. We all make them, or at least feel that we should make them, and like the Christmas toys, they are soon broken. If we were to examine the lists of resolutions made by members of any congregation we would no doubt see goals ranging from losing weight, more exercise, developing more spiritual discipline, being more kind, being a better husband or wife or parent. Are these things on your list or am I just giving my own list of resolutions?
Have you ever stopped to ponder what is really behind our New Year’s Resolutions?

When we clean out the undergrowth of this ‘resolution thing’ I suspect that we will find our best New Year resolutions are based on spiritual realizations.
The Desire To Be A Better Person and The Realization That We Fall Short

How can you and I become better people?
How can we become the fulfilled, moral, spiritual people we desire to be? Are there some plain steps to take that bring more power to the struggle than mere resolutions?
I am certainly for resolutions, written or unwritten, but can we not find more strength than that? A study of people in the New Testament reveal some steps to our becoming the person we ought to be.
A Better Person Through A Vision of Christ.
A Better Person Through A Vision of Christ
A Better Person Through A Network

We can become the person we want to be if we keep a vision of Christ before us to motivate us; if we keep a vision of the person we want to be before us; and if we build a network of support to encourage us and help us be accountable to the vision. Now the church family helps us do this in many ways. But we need more.

I would encourage you to seek out three or four other people, or couples, and begin to meet with them on a regular basis to pray together and discuss spiritual things and how it is going with you spiritually.
If we want to succeed at our resolutions the it all begins with the vision of Christ in our hearts, in our minds, before our eyes. A vision that leads to confession and faith, to repentance and spiritual growth, to becoming who

God wants us to be and who we want to be. There is an ancient hymn from the eighth century which puts it well:
Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart;
Naught be all else to me, save that thou art:
Thou my best thought, by day or by night,
Waking or sleeping, thy presence my light.

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