A Challenge…

Adam May said “On Wednesday morning, as I do most mornings,  I was listening to the news on the radio and Michael Gove was doing the media rounding speaking about ‘Levelling Up’ ahead of his announcement in the House of Commons about this new Government Policy.”

“Now. I’m not here to commend or reject the policy, but my ears pricked up when Michael spoke about his 12 point mission for the next decade.”

“One of those points is to encourage us to see our neighbourhoods and streets as places we are proud of. It got me thinking; do I speak positively about my street and neighbourhood, or am I the one who moans about what is happening?”

“I think many of us if we are honest will say that we don’t speak words of encouragement and blessing over our neighbourhoods. So, my challenge to you this week is to pray for the atmosphere in your street or community to change and also that you would be a Christian speaking something different.”