Our Mission and Values

Our Mission, Values & Aims:

Our Mission:
Our great desire is to direct people not to ourselves, nor to our church, but to Jesus Christ. He is the centre of our vision. He is the object of our witness. We are committed to building a community of followers of Jesus Christ who will be equipped to serve him here at TBC and wherever he leads, now and in the future.

Our values and aims:

Outreach – first and foremost, we must have an outward focus. We want to be equipped to serve the world by introducing friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues to the love of God. We want to affect the local community and beyond. We aim to do our utmost to fulfil the great Commission locally and to be involved nationally and internationally by way of our support for overseas and home mission.

Worship and prayer – we desire to worship God with our whole lives and enjoy him forever. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and the power and privilege of prayer.

Welcome and hospitality – we want to be a welcoming fellowship. We are committed to building a community in personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We see the importance of close relationships with fellow believers and we encourage all to belong to a small group within the church. We are committed to maintain right relationships with other churches and to seek to build bridges into the secular world. We value hospitality and want to welcome people into our church and homes.

The Word – we believe the Bible is God’s written word. We therefore seek to read, study, preach and submit to it.

Encouragement – we are committed to encouraging one another in God’s work, wanting to reach this and all generations.

Maturity – Jesus wants disciples not just believers. As a church, we aim to help people to learn more of the Bible and of Christ so that they are equipped to serve him.

Mercy – based in a relatively prosperous area though we are, there is still much need on our doorstep, all are in need of the Gospel regardless of wealth. Jesus was full of compassion, He had a heart for the poor, the alien, the weak and the outsider and so must we. We want to be equipped to serve everyone in our community and share the love of Christ with them.

Balance – a healthy church is a balanced church so we don’t want to get any one aspect of ministry out of proportion.